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Navigating the future of social care: Channel 3 Consulting headlines ADASS Spring Seminar 2024

Channel 3 Consulting is delighted to announce that we are headline sponsors of this year’s Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) Spring Seminar 2024, which takes place on 24th-26th April at Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire. This important annual event brings together social care leaders, professionals and those with lived experience to network, learn about the critical issues and trends in adult social care, and share best practices.

ADASS have created yet another fantastic event which will see current ADASS President Beverley Tarka hand over the reins to Melanie Williams for the year ahead.

The three core themes for the event are Workforce, Carers and Prevention. Within each of these themes, there will be an emphasis on co-production, Equalities Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and personalised care. There is a richly packed agenda across the three days, focused on these themes.

ADASS is thrilled to welcome Channel 3 Consulting as the main sponsor for the ADASS Spring Seminar 2024. Their commitment to shaping the future of social care through digital aligns well with our event’s mission, and we look forward to the impactful conversations that will take place across the sector as a result of our collaboration.

Cat Alabaster, Partnerships Lead at ADASS

In the run-up to the event Channel 3 will be publishing a series of blogs which will take each of the event’s themes, to explore and bring to life what can be done to digitally enable better outcomes in each of these areas.

Last year Channel 3 facilitated our debut workshop at the event where we shone a light on what a digitally enabled future for social care could look like. This year we are back to share our experiences of delivering this vision across the sector, with a specific focus on our work with Nottinghamshire County Council with support from new ADASS President Melanie Williams.

We will also be facilitating a breakfast meeting to bring people together and discuss the opportunities, challenges and lessons involved in delivering digital at scale across health and care.

The ADASS Spring Seminar Workshop

The workshop “From ambition to delivery – unlocking the power of DIGITAL in Nottinghamshire” will include:

Digital in social care: a brief overview of the breadth of impact that digital is now having in social care.

New insights: the results from the NCASC survey, run by Channel 3 and SCIE, exploring whether the sector believes the foundations are in place to deliver its digital ambitions successfully.

Nottinghamshire County Council: a deep dive into the council’s digital journey, starting with Melanie’s ambition to deliver ‘digitally enabled lives’, the progress, lessons, and impact to date, as well as the future plans to scale and align with health partners to reimagine the model of health and care.

Q&A discussion: to hear your reflections, ambitions, and challenges in delivering digital at scale, which will be used to feed into a thought piece following the conference.

The ADASS Spring Seminar Breakfast Meeting

The breakfast meeting will focus more on how social care can work with health partners to deliver digitally enabled lives at a system level.  The meeting will bring together a specific selection of sector leaders from across social care and health, as well as representation from frontline staff and those with lived experience.

We are delighted that both Bill Shields, Deputy CEO & CFO Devon ICB, and Adel Jones, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Transformation and Partnerships, Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust will join us for the meeting. Bill and Adel will offer their rich experience and insights from the work happening across the Devon ICS as well as their national and international experience from Bermuda, Cornwall and Imperial College. Adel is also the joint chair of the NHS Providers Digital Boards Programme.

The topic of conversation will cover two key questions:

1. Do we have a shared strategic and digital ambition across health and care?

I.e. are we aligned in the need to deliver a re-imagined model of care, to one which is more preventative, proactive and out of hospital, with digital enablement at its heart?

2. What are the challenges to delivering that ambition at the scale and pace required?

I.e. what have we learnt from digital delivery to date, and what are the barriers stopping us from going further and faster?

Looking forward

As we look forward to the new financial year it feels like there is a busy couple of months, and year, ahead for the sector. One with significant opportunity and ambition to start to deliver digital more strategically and at scale, in alignment with partners, and to make a tangible impact on the outcomes for our workforce and carers. All of this whilst enabling a tangible shift from crisis to prevention. At Channel 3 we can’t wait to continue supporting the sector on this journey.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch. We look forward to engaging with as many of you as possible and continuing to help deliver a digitally enabled future for social care.

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