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Our Story and Our Values

Channel 3 was founded in 2009 with a simple vision: to empower forward-thinking health and care organisations to harness the power of technology, improve care and help transform the NHS.

Our aim was to help patients, clinicians and everyone working across health and care feel the benefits of digital – and that remains our focus to this day.

Our approach was disruptive. We were ahead of the curve in recognising the benefits the NHS could realise through technology. Working alongside our clients, through the years we have helped give clinicians and patients better access to lifesaving information and use technology to enable transformational improvements to patient pathways and outcomes. We believe success comes from working side by side with our clients in blended teams, and that’s how we’ve approached every project since day one.

Channel 3 Consulting values

Channel 3 is united by a clear set of values. Our values outline what is important to us in the way we conduct our business and in the way we interact with each other, our clients and our many other stakeholders.

Our values intentionally set a high standard for each of us. Although we may not live up to them every day in every action, we strive to live them fully and support each other when we fall short.

The Channel 3 Team

Channel 3 is committed to building a diverse team who demonstrate passion, loyalty and enthusiasm in everything we do.

We care deeply about making a difference and building a team who are ready to drive change in the health and care sector.

Our company values are centred on growing and emboldening our team, always wanting them to feel empowered and engaged at work. We aren’t shy about recognising and rewarding outstanding performance and encouraging creative approaches to our work. Innovation is at the heart of digital health and care, and it’s at the heart of Channel 3.

I love working at Channel 3 and being back in a health and care consultancy. It’s a great feeling knowing that our customers like and trust us and that we are truly making a difference. Working for a company with a strong ethical ethos and that truly cares about its clients was really important to me and Channel 3 ticks all those boxes.

Simone Collins

We care deeply about making a difference and building a team who are ready to drive change in the health and care sector.