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Integrated Care Systems

Channel 3 integrated care systems

Your ICS: Joined-up services to deliver better care

At the heart of the NHS’s shift to integrated care systems (ICSs) is a focus on enabling clinicians and social care teams to provide better treatment for their patients and better support for the public.

Health and care services need to be fast, responsive and efficient to provide the best care. Digital systems play a key role in the delivery of these services which, across the wide scope of an ICS, can only be carried out effectively if all organisations can share data seamlessly.

Channel 3 will work with you to understand which health and care technologies can support your ICS most effectively. Working together, we can help you implement digital health solutions that support your doctors, nurses, social care teams and third sector providers to deliver better outcomes for the public.

Common ICS challenges

We’re developing a digital strategy but need to define what good looks like.

We’ll help you to understand the needs of each service across your ICS and the effectiveness of your existing systems, before helping you pinpoint what your objectives should be. Together we can then use this knowledge to shape your digital strategy.

Our ICS will only realise its full potential if everybody is behind a single vision.

As specialists in managing health and care systems through change, we know how critical it is to get widespread buy-in to technology enabled transformations. That’s why we put people first, by helping you find solutions to your challenges, walking them through the benefits and training them how to use new technology.

We need to provide a variety of services that need to work effectively together.

We’ll work with you to identify where services overlap and can share information and systems. This includes putting medical records and prescriptions at the fingertips of every clinician, when and where they need them and ensuring social care and health care share vital information about citizens.

Moving from strategy to implementation across a diverse organisation is complicated.

Together we will build an implementation plan that considers the unique demands and care needs of your citizens. We will then paint a clear picture to key stakeholders to gain their support. To turn a plan into reality, key people that are affected by change must be informed of, and aligned with, the proposed journey. This process ensures that a technology project will not just be implemented, but well received, delivered on time and within budget.

There is an uneven distribution of technology within our ICS.

We will work with you to identify technology gaps that need to be filled and assess what systems to keep and what you may want to stop using. We can support you to understand the digital and data landscape across your entire system, so that every organisation has access to the tools and information it needs to provide the best possible care.

Supporting Dorset Care Record with their ICS transformation

Life-saving record sharing in Dorset

Dorset’s healthcare providers wanted to create a medical record sharing platform that delivered real-world benefits for patients. With Channel 3’s support, they overcame their initial implementation challenges and successfully deploy a system that is now saving lives.

Ready to support you – our ICS experts

Sarah Armitage

Sarah is an expert in digital healthcare transformations and has played her part in a number of data-sharing and interoperability projects in council and health settings that are leading the way in the sector.

Astrid Grant

A medical doctor by training, Astrid combines her instinctive knowledge of what makes clinicians tick with her experience of driving organisational change through digital transformation.

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