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Clinical Systems and EPR

Channel 3 clinical system implementation

Transforming health and care through technology

We help health and care organisations turn ambitious digital transformation aspirations into real benefits through investment in technology.

Wherever you are in your transformation journey, we can help you choose the right solution, implement it in the best way and deliver improved outcomes for patients, users and the workforce.

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Robust clinical systems, including electronic patient records, are central to providing high-quality patient care. Reaching the full potential of a clinical system requires a well-planned implementation and optimisation programme that engages and enthuses the workforce.

Common clinical system challenges

Building the right digital and clinical system strategy

Clinical system suppliers continuously innovate their products to give health organisations the digital tools needed to improve patient outcomes. To confidently make investment decisions and achieve your overall digital ambitions, a robust digital and clinical system strategy is vital. Our industry knowledge and experience will support you to define your digital and clinical system strategy. We will help you to navigate the options that will fulfil your digital aspirations and provide opportunities to improve care through the development of a digital road map.

Identifying the solutions that support your clinical transformation ambitions

It’s important to choose the best clinical system for you and your organisation to address your requirements. The best solution for one organisation may not necessarily be the best for another. We understand the vast digital health marketplace, the many solutions on offer and what they can offer you and your organisation. Funds and resources are often limited, so we work with you to clearly scope out your requirements and build compelling business cases. Together we can then appraise the various options and determine the best solution to match your ambitions and budget.

Choosing the right digital health suppliers, products and services

Choosing the right clinical system provider is a critical decision and can be a complex, expensive and time-consuming process. As your trusted partner, Channel 3 can help to lighten the load, streamline the procurement process and help you to produce and coordinate all procurement collateral. This will give you the confidence to invest in the right solution, which is affordable and will meet your needs.

Preparing to succeed in the implementation of your new clinical system

Once you have chosen a new clinical system, it is vital to prepare for implementation to drive the maximum value from the investment. The challenge is to implement a transformation programme for the new clinical system alongside business-as-usual service provision. Transformation takes time, focus and effort to engage the hearts and minds of the workforce to embrace transformative ways of working. The Channel 3 clinical system readiness assessment model identifies the risks and mitigating actions required for a successful implementation. Crucially, it also focuses the project team to engage cross-departmental stakeholders to ensure they are ready for implementation and excited about the project.

Supporting the successful implementation of your clinical system

Channel 3 works in partnership with delivery teams to get implementation right, working with you to help you succeed. Our team can implement robust assurance reviews, either as an independent assurance partner or by embedding assurance processes within our delivery approach.

Taking the workforce on the journey and making the most of your clinical system’s potential

We all understand that IT will not deliver results by itself. Many clinical staff have experienced having a new IT solution dumped on their doorstep, without the proper support to benefit from it. This scenario makes it impossible to fully realise the potential of the technology or system that has been introduced. As experts in digital transformation and business change, we will support you to make your clinical system implementation project a resounding success. Your workforce will enjoy more efficient processes, ultimately freeing up more time to spend caring for patients.

Driving benefits through continuous optimisation of your clinical system

Due to the external and internal pressures experienced by the health sector, systems and processes that work perfectly well today may not be fit for purpose tomorrow. Looking beyond the initial clinical system go-live, your organisation can derive further benefit from clinical system investment by optimising processes, improving compliance and adoption and minimising variation. Our optimisation model considers the technical, operational, commercial and cultural aspects which can impact the efficiency of the clinical system. Both human and technology-related issues and opportunities are identified by our assessments.


Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber – creating a single EPR

RDASH required a single electronic patient record (EPR) with electronic prescribing and medicines administration to replace its existing core clinical systems (SystmOne in community health services and palliative care and Silverlink in mental health Services) to create a single EPR.

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CNWL – EPR strategy, implementation, optimisation

Channel 3 worked alongside CNWL to develop the trust’s clinical system strategy and roadmap. With the trust’s existing strategy no longer reflecting the organisation’s full requirements, we were invited to support them in radically rethinking the ways digital supports the trust to deliver clinical services to its service users.

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Cambridge and Peterborough – preparation and implementation

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS FT was embarking on a significant project: rolling out an electronic patient record (EPR) across the organisation to underpin all its clinical services.

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Our clinical system experts

Eleanor Rollason

Eleanor Rollason

Eleanor has led multiple complex digital programmes across health and care systems, delivering tangible benefits, sustainable change and exceptional value for clients.

David Churchill

David Churchill

Having worked in the NHS and several other sectors, David has been engaged in delivering systems and process for primary care, community and mental health providers.

Simone Collins Channel 3 Consulting

Simone Collins

Simone has led the successful delivery of large and complex digital transformation programmes in the health and care sector.

Victoria Hughes

Victoria Hughes

Victoria is a registered general nurse and has worked within the NHS for over 30 years and healthcare consultancy for 10 years.

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