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Building a preventative model of care through digital transformation

The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) Spring Seminar 2024 kicks off this week, showcasing a packed agenda filled with promise.

The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) Spring Seminar 2024 kicks off this week, showcasing a packed agenda filled with promise and high levels of interest, with nearly 300 delegates registered. At Channel 3 Consulting, as headline sponsors, we embrace the opportunity to apply a transformational and digital lens to the discussions at this year’s event. Our team is thrilled to present a workshop, senior leader breakfast meeting and an exhibitor stand where we will share sector survey insights and digital enablement strategies for the core themes of unpaid carers, social care workforce and prevention. Join us at our stand, where our team of social care and digital experts awaits.

Channel 3 ADASS Spring Seminar Team

Ralph Cook Channel 3 Consulting

Ralph Cook

Partner, Social Care

Nyasha Fumhanda

Consultant and Social Worker

Stuart Lindsay Channel 3 Consulting

Stuart Lindsay

Managing Consultant

Emily Barber

Senior Consultant

In our final pre-seminar blog, we delve into the pivotal theme of prevention—a cornerstone of our ambition at Channel 3.

A sector with prevention at its heart has been seen as the promised land for 30 years in health and care, yet it has remained elusive for decades. Despite being a common vision and aspiration, its successful delivery has been hindered by challenges in evidence, eg financial savings or cost avoidance, and implementation.

However, recent research has provided a glimmer of hope, demonstrating the potential for digital interventions to transition from crisis management to a proactive prevention model. Channel 3 worked with Helicon on the basis that a proactive digital approach to healthcare can deliver financial, operational and environmental benefits. We tested this theory and the results showed that, if the approaches were scaled up to a national level, the following could be achieved:

These findings underscore the urgency to invest in transformative out-of-hospital models. We know this is only one of many studies that have built the evidence case to properly invest in transforming to a preventative out-of-hospital model.

The consensus is clear: the current health and care model is unsustainable. We cannot continue on the same trajectory; change is imperative. Moving to a preventative model – and using digital to enable that transformation – is the key to unlocking a more sustainable model. Yet, the deployment of digital tools thus far has fallen short of realising this vision.

Channel 3 Consulting unsustainable model of care

Four core challenges persist in the sector:

At Channel 3, we envision a digital blueprint for a new, digitally enabled preventative model for health and care. Co-produced with the sector, this blueprint emphasises the pivotal role of digital technology in driving transformation. Our vision extends beyond technological solutions to encompass operational, procedural and cultural change. It’s a holistic approach that recognises the need for systemic change.

Channel 3 Consulting digital blueprint for health and care

Embracing this vision is crucial for improving outcomes and addressing the financial challenges plaguing health and care systems worldwide. At Channel 3, we’re actively partnering with health and care systems to design and implement this transformative journey. Join our workshop and visit our stand at Spring Seminar to hear more about our work from Notts, Devon, Lincolnshire, Swindon and all 42 integrated care systems (ICSs) over the past year.

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