Graduating from the University of Birmingham Medical School in 2016 and becoming a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2021, Manpreet is a practising NHS general practitioner with an interest in digital health and technology.

Before becoming a GP, Manpreet worked in several specialities in the acute and community setting, including acute medicine, geriatrics, general surgery, trauma & orthopaedics, psychiatry, ophthalmology, paediatrics and obstetrics & gynaecology.

Working as a doctor during the Covid-19 pandemic, Manpreet witnessed first-hand the impact that digital transformation has already had on healthcare and how it will continue to do so. Using his clinical knowledge and expertise, Manpreet wishes to utilise technology to help improve the quality of healthcare for patients and healthcare professionals.

I have a passion for content creation and so you’ll find me in front of the camera documenting my travels, showing you the best places to eat and sharing my love of cars!