As an NHS physician for over 5 years, Diana has experience across several specialties in primary, secondary and tertiary care. She has spent a significant amount of that time at St Bart’s hospital in interventional cardiology. Diana has always had a passion for healthcare innovation and digital transformation and has taken on various digital ambassador roles and digital transformation projects within the NHS.

Working through the pandemic, including a 4-month redeployment to The Royal London ITU (one of the busiest in the UK), Diana has witnessed first-hand how digital solutions allowed clinicians to continue to deliver care and reach patients they were unable to see face-to-face. She also helped successfully set up an award-winning virtual post-myocardial infarction pathway and has seen the impact that excellent technology can have on both patients and clinicians.

Diana hopes to utilise her experience of hands-on clinical work and working on transformation projects to continue to develop and help improve health and social care outcomes through digital excellence.

In my spare time I love to cook for my family and friends, Middle Eastern cuisine is my specialty. I am also a qualified skydiver and love to travel and explore the outdoors at every given opportunity