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Partnering with Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH) to futureproof prescribing processes through digital transformation

RDaSH utilised Channel 3 to access knowledge and expertise in delivering Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA) systems to improve end-to-end medication processes and bolster clinical safety.

The challenge

RDaSH were embarking on a largescale digital transformation to drive accuracy and stay ahead of the curve. They identified opportunities to improve prescribing processes and patient outcomes by implementing the latest technologies, but required support to bridge the skills gap in their workforce as their plans demanded capabilities specifically relating to ePMA systems.

The solution

Channel 3 was selected by RDaSH to develop the case for change and, as part of the wider EPR programme, build a phase of work specifically around implementing ePMA functionality. By defining and documenting clinical and administrative processes in collaboration with the chief pharmacist, the Trust experienced a smooth implementation and established a foundation for consistent and safe electronic prescribing. This collaborative approach ensured the ePMA solution met the Trust’s working practices and requirements.

Implementation was phased across the four Care Groups with the initial focus on mental health inpatient settings. The dedicated pharmacist and Channel 3 product specialist designed and delivered the training and provided post-implementation support.

The result

Our specialist experience and working practices provided capabilities to deliver the scope of requirements within eight months; Channel 3 consultants successfully delivered a complex business change programme, by working in close partnership with RDaSH and ensuring full engagement with prescribers and pharmacy staff throughout.

As a strategic partner, Channel 3 was able to support RDaSH to provide clinical and medical staff with a single, complete view of the patient’s record, enabling a whole-person care approach to be adopted.

RDaSH took a proactive approach to adopting ePMA and quickly reaped the benefits – it is a critical area of digitisation that is widely adopted across the NHS and for which subsequent funding has been allocated.

We took a proactive approach to adopting ePMA as part of our move to electronic patient records and we are already reaping the benefits. Channel 3 Consulting ensured our clinical and administrative teams were fully engaged with the project and able to influence the design of the new system. They provided the external expertise and challenge needed to ensure the programme remained on track. As a result, our staff were well prepared for the change and implementation has been surprisingly straightforward.

Stephen Davies, Chief Pharmacist and Controlled Drug Accountable Officer – Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS FT

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