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Life on the road: a day as a consultant

My journey with Channel 3 started at the beginning of October 2019. Before that I had been contracting, working on various large-scale projects for numerous NHS trusts. Channel 3’s vision really excited me, so when I got the opportunity to take a full-time position, I was thrilled to be joining a growing and energetic company.

Since joining the team, I have worked across two client projects. With any job there are of course highs and lows, and in my case so far, more highs. Consulting is not your average 9-to-5 job. It includes early starts and the dreaded sound of an early alarm; there’s also the travel to client sites and staying in different hotels (I think this goes without saying!). Having commitments at home and being away from family and friends can make staying away difficult, and at first this worried me. However it’s not been as scary as I had originally anticipated. Despite the intensity that comes with consulting, Channel 3 has a great emphasis on the team having a good work/life balance, and with some good self-management it all works out well.

One of the most interesting features of working in management consultancy is the unpredictability of your work week: there’s no single day like another. This really excites me as there’s always plenty of work to get stuck in to. The job is both challenging and rewarding; it requires you to balance and effectively prioritise your work to get the best out of your day.

Being a home-based consultant has great flexibility but can often leave you feeling slightly detached from the wider team. This is all resolved by having monthly company meetings, usually held at Channel 3’s London office. They give us all the opportunity to catch up on what we’ve been doing and get to know each other better. The senior leadership team spends time giving updates on the current month and let us know of new, exciting projects coming up; we often have guest speakers and always some drinks after to finish the day.

Having the chance to learn from colleagues with years of experience in the industry, alongside Channel 3s’ ‘personal development cycle’, I am confident that I will achieve my 2020 goal to progress from consultant to senior consultant. I have ongoing support from my line manager and peers, which allows me to strengthen my skills, progress and grow through my day-to-day work. 

The opportunities I have been given here are invaluable and if you’re looking to join a fast-paced, driven and exciting organisation, I couldn’t recommend Channel 3 enough.

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