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The Chief Information Officer (CIO) Toolkit from Channel 3 Consulting

We have developed several tools to support you on your journey to build strong digital foundations, gain more value from your data and prepare for transformation.

The CIO toolkit

We have developed a CIO toolkit, which can be applied to your organisation to overcome the challenges faced in the current health and care landscape.

Understand your current position with an Enterprise Architecture Model

Understand your collective security status with Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) review

Unlock the value in your data with information architecture mapping

Prepare for a major system implementation with a readiness assessment

Increase your digital maturity with the service management accelerator

Understand where risk lies with an infrastructure risk assessment

Plan for the future with a target operating model assessment and design

The CIO landscape

CIOs control the majority of digital spending within the NHS in the UK.

£Billions of the NHS budget are delegated to provider organisations every year (£108.9 Billion in revenue in England alone this year) and it is down to the CIO to negotiate how much of that should be spent on digital, then invest it wisely.

The CIO role is critical to the digital transformation of the NHS.  

Common challenges for the CIO

All CIOs need to wrestle with a common set of problems, such as the fact that the role itself isn’t defined.

Each Organisation has built its own technology stack over the years, so each CIO must contend with how to standardise it and mitigate risk, whilst satisfying the need to transform. 

There is variation across the UK regarding digital roles, technology and funding. Being at the helm as a CIO can be a challenging place to be.

Download our guide to learn more about these useful CIO tools and contact us to start your journey towards building robust digital foundations, deep data insights and productive transformations.

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