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Adult social care front door: How we reimagine the model for better lives, better care and better digital

At Channel 3, our mission is to drive innovation of the adult social care front door, collaborating with councils and digital service providers to improve lives and establish a more sustainable system.

The recent ADASS Spring Conference sparked some interesting discussions about the adult social care front door. Despite the delay in charging reforms, many individuals firmly believe that a better front door is crucial in addressing the current demand pressures within the adult social care sector. At Channel 3, we share this sentiment.

Adult social care front door, Channel 3 Consulting

The current adult social care front door

We are well aware of the existing problems. A cumbersome front door can disempower individuals, leading to frustration as they are passed around or even inadvertently pulled into the system. It can contribute to delays in assessments, leaving people in limbo and at risk of deterioration, potentially resulting in hospital care. With a projected national waiting list of over 400,000 people and a high vacancy rate among social workers, it is evident that change is necessary.

At Channel 3, we firmly believe that making minor adjustments to the front door is no longer sufficient. We require a radically different model, one that is driven by digital innovation. In a world where controlling your heating from your phone is possible, the potential for applying new digital tools to enhance social care at the front door is remarkable.

Consider the possibilities of the future adult social care front door

Envision a digitally enabled front door equipped with self-assessment tools and links to easily accessible information, empowering individuals and their caregivers to better understand their options.

Imagine a system that allows people to take control of their care without being reliant on waiting for a phone call if they prefer not to. Visualise a scenario where individuals can swiftly access a wider range of support services to help them maintain their independence, empowering better lives.

Imagine improving lives even before individuals reach the council’s front door by utilising digital platforms to connect them with local voluntary and community networks, as well as employing technology-enabled care to support their well-being at home and provide better care.

Ponder the possibilities of enhancing safeguarding for vulnerable individuals through risk stratification, enabling targeted emergency support for those at the greatest risk of crisis.

Consider the convenience of user-friendly care accounts that eliminate the need for individuals to repeatedly recount their story, providing up-to-date and accessible information that keeps them informed while equipping care teams with the data they require through better digital.

Make digital work for you

All of these tools have the potential to improve lives and ensure that social care professionals can spend their time meaningfully engaging with those who require it the most. Furthermore, digital expertise can help councils achieve more with fewer resources. For instance, forward-thinking analytics capabilities can inform process improvements and guide long-term commissioning decisions.

When deploying digital, it is true that we must not overlook those who are digitally excluded, and each organisation has different digital foundations. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Effective utilisation of digital technology always prioritises people at the core. If you, like us, believe that there is a better way and are enthusiastic about innovation, we encourage you to get in touch.

It all starts with a conversation

Our team bring together digital expertise with a deep understanding of social care systems. We understand what it takes to change behaviours and transform systems and can assist you in exploring the possibilities for your organisation throughout the entire transformation journey and unlock new opportunities at your front door. Let’s have a conversation about how we can reimagine your front door with digital to make the much-needed changes that the public need.

About the author, Harrie Palmer

Harrie specialises in designing and delivering innovative transformation programmes in health and social care, children’s services, and the wider local government portfolio.

She draws on a variety of analytical and facilitation tools, helping leaders across the system to define the step change they are looking to achieve.  She is passionate about working collaboratively with teams to unlock innovation and implement change initiatives that make a real difference to people’s lives.

Harrie is an advocate for using digital technology to improve outcomes, make for a more sustainable system, and unlock data-driven insight and decision-making. She believes that to make the most of technology you must ensure you keep people at the centre, and she draws on a wealth of knowledge from behavioural science to help make changes stick.

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