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Designing an ambitious new TEC service at Swindon Borough Council

Channel 3 Consulting are delighted to have been commissioned to support the council in delivering this innovative project, which aligns with our digital vision for the sector, achieving more with TEC services and data analytics. 

Swindon faces similar challenges to many other councils across the country, the
question is what to do about it? We recognise that we can’t continue to do more of
the same, we must be innovative, and we believe that digital and data presents us
with the greatest opportunity to achieve that innovation. That is why we have set
ourselves an ambitious vision to deliver TEC at scale, move to a more preventative
model of care, and improve the outcomes we deliver for the people of Swindon.

Grace Lynch, Deputy Director Transformation, Adults, Health and Housing

Putting digital first

Swindon Council have clearly stated their intent and ambition to digitally enable a better social care future for the people of Swindon. The council has embarked on a pioneering programme to design and deliver new in-house technology enabled care (TEC) services and supporting technology platform. The new service will put digital at the heart of care and support, improving lives and levels of independence while helping the council become more financially resilient and sustainable.
Nationally the health and care sector continues to be under significant pressure, responding to high levels of demand, often reacting to people in crisis, firefighting operational and workforce challenges, and dealing with the imbalance this creates in a system where people rely too heavily on hospitals and acute services.

The ambition to move to a more predictive and preventative model, one that is place-based and led by social care and the community, is recognised by many as the solution for the sector – but delivering it is challenging within a climate of limited capacity and resources to invest in transformation.

It is fantastic to be working with Swindon on a digital project that will deliver a new model of care and improved outcomes for its residents. In parallel it will help stretch digital ambition across the care sector, shining a light that others can follow when we know we can’t continue to simply do more of the same. It takes brave leadership to pioneer innovation of this kind – something that should be celebrated.

Ralph Cook, Partner at Channel 3 Consulting

Future Plans

The programme in Swindon will transform how technology and data are used to enable individuals and communities to live richer and more independent lives. Advances in how we all use technology in our daily lives can be used to give more support whilst the new data and insights that technology creates can identify needs before they become challenges – which is to the benefit of the individual and delivers best value for the public purse. Overall, this is about societal change enabling individuals through data and technology.

I’m delighted to be working with Channel 3 on this innovative TEC project and
taking value from their knowledge and experience to help us deliver our ambitions in

Phil Murkin, Chief Digital Officer

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