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Supporting the definition, sourcing and transition to new ICT services at Reading Borough Council

Channel 3 successfully supported Reading Borough Council (RBC) to acquire four service towers for hosting, end user services, unified communications and networks. We supported the council in awarding a partnership contract for core ICT services to an IT outsource provider.

The outcome of our digital foundations work

Channel 3 successfully supported Reading Borough Council to acquire the four service towers within the planned budget outlined in the business case. We made sure to establish favourable agreements across the supply chain to benefit the council and the residents of Reading. Through our efforts, we also ensured that meaningful social value commitments were included in the service contracts.

After completing the procurement process, developing a detailed business case and contracting the new services, we provided expert assistance to the council in smoothly transitioning to the new services. We worked closely with the existing provider, new suppliers and the Reading Borough Council team to minimise any disruptions to the regular ICT service while each service tower was being transferred.

Background to our work with Reading Borough Council

In 2011, Reading Borough Council awarded a partnership contract for core ICT services to an IT outsource provider. This was for a full outsourcing arrangement, under which overall responsibility for the delivery of ICT services was transferred to that organisation, with minimal core ICT capability retained in the council.

With the contract due to expire, and no further provision for extension, it was essential that successor arrangements were put in place not only to maintain everyday operations but also to provide the critical foundations for the council’s ambitious digital
transformation plans. 

With limited time to design and transition to new service arrangements, Channel 3 Consulting was appointed through open competition as the council’s future ICT operating model design and transition partner.

Our role was to support the definition, sourcing and transition to new ICT services. 

Channel 3 has supported with our design, planning, procurement and transition to new IT services.

They achieved this at pace and in line with a compressed timeline, while achieving value for money and improving the quality of services that provide the foundation for digital public services for local people.

Martin Chalmers, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Reading Borough Council

Our digital foundations work with Reading Borough Council

Channel 3 conducted a detailed discovery of the current ICT service across infrastructure, applications, commercials, interfaces, services and processes. This exercise provided the council with clarity on:

• Current services.

• Supplier commercial opportunities not yet leveraged.

• Visibility of risks.

• Awareness of opportunities, for example, the visibility of solutions that could be terminated, transitioned or rationalised prior to transition.

Next, we assisted the council in creating a detailed plan for designing and delivering future services. This plan included the target operating model, delivery arrangements and a programme plan that encompassed the outline business case and commercial strategy.

After the council members approved the outline business case and recommended transitioning to a multi-sourced, best-of-breed model, Channel 3 provided commercial and procurement services to support the sourcing of new ICT service towers. These service towers included hosting, end-user services, unified communications
and networks.

Channel 3’s commercial services offered the council a strong strategy and plan to minimise commercial risks throughout the transition period. We established effective methods of engaging suitable suppliers who could provide solutions aligning with the council’s objectives, timelines, and commercial flexibility.

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