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EPR journeys and digital transformation: Channel 3 Consulting in the news

Channel 3 partners Eleanor Rollason and Simone Collins were recently interviewed by the Health Tech Newspaper. They were asked to share their insights into the world of EPR programmes and setting the foundations for success when undertaking large scale system transformation.

The interview featured discussions with Eleanor and Simone, who offered their perspectives on EPR programmes, what EPR journeys entail and the challenges of substantial digital transformation. The topics covered were:

👩‍💼 What Channel 3 Consulting does in the EPR implementation space 👨‍💼

🛣️ EPR journeys that Channel 3 have supported 🛣️

🏆 Factors for success when embarking on an EPR implementation 🏆

🧠Thoughts and advice on digital transformation🧠

👩‍🏫 Key lessons and challenges 👨‍🏫

🔮 What to be excited about in the future 🔮

As those that have worked with us in the past will be aware, Channel 3 specialises in digital healthcare consultancy and guiding organisations through digital transformation projects. This includes the support of EPR implementation at every stage of the journey, from developing initial business cases to working as a comprehensive EPR programme delivery partner.

We have found that our comprehensive approach ensures that benefits are realised post-implementation and go-live. Additionally, we provide assurance and guidance through structured gateway reviews for organisations that require advisory support rather than implementation assistance.

Eleanor and Simone underlined the significance of laying strong foundations for successful implementations. They stressed the need for a clear understanding of the organisation’s baseline, vision and goals before the technical aspects come into play. The crucial role of engagement, and the importance of involving executives to comprehend the transformative change, was also highlighted.

The interview offered insights into specific projects Channel 3 has undertaken. They detailed their work with Derbyshire Healthcare and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, showcasing adaptability during the COVID-19 pandemic. The ability to pivot to remote deployment ensured the EPR deployment’s continuity, with both organisations reaping benefits from this preparedness.

Success factors were discussed extensively throughout the piece. The importance of passion, energy and enthusiasm in driving adoption.

Effective communication, branding and inclusion of the workforce were emphasised as key to fostering a positive attitude towards change.

In terms of digital transformation, it was asserted that an effective consultancy’s role is not to dictate change but to facilitate and support organisations in their transformation journey. The focus should be on workflow improvement and patient care enhancement, with technology being the enabler.

The interview closed with an outlook on the future. Eleanor expressed excitement about optimisation and the realisation of benefits from substantial investments in new technology. Simone highlighted the potential for enhanced healthcare through integrated data-driven health and care services.

In summary, the interview provided a comprehensive understanding of Channel 3’s role in EPR implementation and digital transformation. Our emphasis on groundwork, engagement and ongoing optimisation reflects the complexity of system-wide transformations. Ultimately, the goal is to improve healthcare processes and outcomes through a holistic approach to change.

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About the authors

Eleanor Rollason

Eleanor Rollason

Eleanor has worked in the healthcare sector for the last 30 years in clinical, operational and advisory roles, and has a real passion for making a difference in health and care services.

Simone Collins Channel 3 Consulting

Simone Collins

Simone has a breadth of experience of the healthcare sector having worked both directly for the NHS and clinical software suppliers combined with her consultancy and advisory roles.

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