Wiktoria is currently studying part-time for a Masters degree in Health Informatics at UCL, learning how the integration of healthcare data and information technology can transform the delivery of healthcare.

In her previous role, she specialised in the delivery of electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO), working across numerous global clinical trials including COVID-19 mega trials. She supported the design and leading the implementation of electronic data capture systems across the size scale, from top 10 pharma to small, niche biotechnology companies. Wiktoria is very passionate about making healthcare more patient-centric. She has also worked in market research, helping brands better understand their customers, collaborate with them to solve business challenges and build more customer-centric organisations.

Outside of work I enjoy hiking scenic trails and taking photos of new places. I love cooking and like to experiment with new ingredients and discovering new flavours. I also like the company of a good book.