The move to Channel 3 has enabled Simone to focus on the area she is most passionate about: healthcare. Simone’s love for the healthcare sector stems from when she was at IBM working on the bids for the NHS National Programme for IT. Inspired by the potential of transforming the NHS with the use of enabling technologies, she focused her career on working on IT health projects and programmes. This has given her a breadth of experience of the healthcare sector having worked both directly for the NHS and clinical software suppliers combined with her consultancy and advisory roles.

Simone is passionate about enabling people to be the best they can be, especially in healthcare where people are critical to the quality of service and care that is provided. Using her experience and enthusiasm Simone galvanises teams to deliver to high standards making best use of resources in a pragmatic and efficient way.

I love Rugby and my Irish roots lead me to follow Munster, where legend has it that my Grandfather, who played for Munster, was the first man to kick a goal from halfway! Despite story telling being another trait of the Irish where truth, legend and myth are often blurred, I’m still laying claim that this is fact!