Career Journey

I began my post-university career at Channel 3 within the engine room that is the business support team. I held key responsibilities, which included managing our customer relationship management (CRM) database and providing critical market intelligence to support our business development activities and aid the company’s growth. In 2021 I was promoted and transitioned to the consulting team. Since then, I have supported a variety of interesting projects, which have included infrastructure, shared care records and electronic patient record (EPR) implementations.

Key skills

  • Large-scale stakeholder engagement and management.
  • Project organisation and governance management.
  • Building strong stakeholder relationships, based on trust and integrity.
  • Adaptability in complex, high-pressure project environments.
  • Versatility and an ability to quickly pick up new skills.


Areas of Interest

I have a strong interest in the transformation element of digital systems implementation, which is a critical component of driving efficiencies and improved ways of working that benefit everybody, from clinicians to patients.

I am an avid Arsenal fan and a frequent traveller. My guilty pleasure involves putting my feet up and watching a certain love-themed reality show on ITV2.