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Implementation and Digitally-Enabled Transformation

Transform health and care through technology

Getting the most out of technology isn’t easy. But when you do, it transforms care. Our highly collaborative approach brings together the clinical, business, and technical expertise needed to help you deliver change and realise the benefits of your digital investment.

There are very few secrets to getting the most out of technology within health and care. As you probably already know, it’s critical to:

We agree: success comes from nailing the essentials. The problem is, if you haven’t done it before or want to do something very different or are stretched for capacity, you may well need support to deliver. That’s where Channel 3 can help.

We know that when you get technology right you can achieve better patient outcomes, improve operational efficiency and reduce the pressure on your workforce. Our passion is helping clients make that happen, keeping an eye on the big picture whilst ensuring you don’t miss the devil in the detail.  

At Channel 3 we believe in a highly collaborative approach that we’ve honed over the last decade. We’re at our best when we’re working in blended teams with our clients, providing the expertise and capacity they need to help them implement successful transformation and realise the benefits of digital health and care.

Here’s how we go about it:

We help you prepare thoroughly for the journey ahead.

We support you to design new ways of working and plan the implementation in detail.

Working together with your teams, we help you configure and test the solution and train end users to get ready for a smooth go-live.

We work with you to establish a cycle of continuous improvement and drive benefits realisation after go-live.

Channel 3 helped us successfully engage with our teams and ensure those delivering care to patients have access to the information they need in a format that is easy to use, reliable and secure.

Richard Banks
IT Director
Royal Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust

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