Holly began her career as a nurse in the NHS and then joined the Prison Service fast track programme where she reached senior governor level.

Holly changed her career to consulting after an MBA at Imperial College, where she developed her skills as a project change and delivery manager.

Today she combines her consulting skillsets with her clinical and operational experience across transformation projects. Although she has worked in the private sector and a variety of public sector organisations, in more recent years Holly’s focus has been on healthcare both in the UK and overseas.

Holly’s strong public service vocation drives her, and alongside her career, she has volunteered at Crisis, sat as an “Independent Member” for organisations and spent some years serving as a Special Constable in the Metropolitan Police.

Years of travel have taught me to embrace the British seasons; picking the Summer fruit that will become homemade jam on a Winter crumpet, chopping the wood in the Autumn that will feed the stove, laying down stocks of Elderflower champagne for good times ahead. It’s not all fun of course, the ground elder is winning and when I’m out planting on a soggy Spring day, I find myself chanting through gritted teeth: “As you sow, so shall you reap”. And you do!