He has over 15 years of experience working in these sectors. Throughout his career, Brian’s been passionate about delivering great public services that borrow the best from public and private, and can increasingly benefit from the creatively destructive power of digitalisation and unlocking the potential of data, for intelligent health and care systems.

Prior to joining Channel 3, he’s led a number of service improvement programmes locally and regionally, developing strengths-based, early intervention services, such as assistive technology, telehealth and reablement, and the development of shared services in the likes of business administration and informatics.

Over the last 6 years, Brian worked nationally for NHS Digital, leading national programmes: in the first few years delivering UK firsts in Health and Care interoperability/data sharing; and more recently rolling out a new big data platform for secondary use Health and Care data across England, plus the associated new data ops operating model geared to agile, iterative working.

In the last 18 months, he led the development and operation of the new Trusted Research Environment [service] for England, as Service Owner in its inaugural year of operation. It has supported leading Life Science organisations such as HDRUK and the British Heart Foundation to undertake cutting edge data research on the causes and effects of COVID-19, which has fed directly to national and international decision making on the crisis.

Brian’s been bitten by several bugs over the years, aside from digital and data. One is chronic: advocacy of social care as a cornerstone of the care system, requiring compassionate care of its own, especially so it too can fully enjoy the benefits of digitalisation. And one is relatively newly acquired and shows no sign of recovery: agile, iterative development. It’s great for multi-disciplinary team working, getting our sleeves rolled up and just getting stuff done!

He looks forward to supporting Channel 3 broaden its advisory reach into new care domains and areas of expertise.

Aside from work, we’re kept very busy with our young family, with an extremely active four-year-old and one recent new addition! We live on the wrong [though admittedly beautiful] side of the Pennines. I’m studying postgrad in Computer Science, and gardening whenever I get the chance.